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In order to stay up to date on latest treatments, drug discovery, clinical studies and how to cope with postpartum depression every day, brings you frequent articles, points of view and advice from leading health leaders and experts.

Current Health Leaders

Oriana Cardin

Oriana is a working public health professional, a wife, and a mom of two incredible little boys. After receiving her master’s degree in public health, she immersed herself in her career providing advocacy and support for those who need it most, addressing health inequities, and breaking down barriers to access and resource availability. Read more.

Natasha Lettner

Natasha Lettner is a multi-faceted woman with a heart for communication and advocacy. She lives in Milwaukee, where she lives with her family, including her loving husband and dear son. As a professional communications consultant, Natasha has built a reputation as a skilled strategist, able to craft compelling messaging for various individuals and organizations. Read more.

Amanda Osowski

Amanda Osowski is a wife and mother living and working in Chicago, Illinois. After earning a master's degree in public health, Amanda worked in clinical trial recruitment, specializing in breaking down barriers between patients and enrollment into clinical research. Read more.

Shay Smith

Shay Smith is a woman and mother who is passionate about mental health advocacy and communication. She lives in a small community in East Texas with her family, which includes her husband and five children. Shay received her Masters of Arts degree in literature with a focus on children’s and young adult literature. Read more.

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